By Frrok Çupi/

We can hardly say that super powers exist now, but this is how we were used to call the United States of America, European Union and Russia during the Cold War and after it. Last night, before midnight, their clash was felt in Tirana: The US embassy declared that Trump “doesn’t support” Trump’s policy in Tirana and it doesn’t support free elections based on the opposition’s action which is considered to be in favor of Trump…

Whoever asks why this clash happened before midnight, then that person is naïve. Wars and clashes often occur in the limits of human time: When people go to bed, when people go to party or to someone who has died, or when people go to war. Even imprisonments happen at the end of the day or on Friday, when the weekend begins.

This was proved in Tirana yesterday. At the end of the day, a little before midnight, a big clash was felt between super powers, super powers that exist and that do not exist:

An employee of the US embassy declared that ‘president Trump doesn’t support the DP’s protest’. This was enough to make people angry and stay awake all night. The only one that “slept” was the government, because the government knows that “in the morning”, the statement may not be true.

But why wouldn’t it be true?

Because the government along with someone within the US embassy, could have made up this fake declaration. Given that America and the world are now used to “fake news”, why shouldn’t we have “fake declarations”?! The staff of the US embassy still belongs to Obama’s administration, the former president who is fighting against Trump to overthrow him as president. A declaration issued by the embassy in Tirana is like Obama’s and Soros’ resistance in the former communist East. A reward with money generated from drugs and corruption could have lured the embassy employee to issue that declaration. But this money could have also lured pro government “fake media” to make the news up.

The declaration may have been made up not only by an embassy employee, but also by someone farer. Now, right winged politicians who are being considered as “populists” have “invaded” Europe and are controlling states. The European Union and politically “correct” bureaucrats, but demagogues, have started to blackmail, instead of mourning. Jeane Claude Juncker, president of the Council of Europe, declared yesterday that “without the EU, the Balkans will head to war”. Such stupid declarations were not even issued by Hitler when he was almost falling from power. The EU and Juncker are in a very fragile position and are prepared to “eat” small nations, as Poland declared in the EU Summit in Brussels. The EU is ready to start war in the Balkans rather than accept its failure. With the conflict in Tirana, war may easily start in the Balkans.

Why would Tirana trigger a war in the Balkans?

Because Tirana marked the start of the change in the Balkans based on the style of Trump, Brexit and New Europe. The opposition’s protest is against the “swamp” of the left wing liberals who have no value, who lie and commit crimes in the name of the people. This is evident in Tirana. If you ask the opposition to go home without “free elections”, then you have invited people to rise up in revolt. The protest in Tirana is said to be inspired by Trump’s administration and the new wave in Europe. The leader of opposition, Lulzim Basha has just returned from the United States where he received support from the Trump’s administration. But, the US embassy to Tirana denied everything near midnight. Then, someone here wants a conflict in the Balkans, because like Mr. Juncker said, a conflict in the Balkans is the only way to conceal the EU’s failure.

Why couldn’t the US embassy’s declaration be true?

There are many state structures which seem involved in the commotion caused by the so called liberals like Hillary Clinton, Soros, Podesta and Obama in America. They are hoping to overthrow president Trump. Three days ago, a bill that would scrap the ObamaCare policies was rejected. Someone in the US embassy may have been advised to throw the first “bullet” in the Balkans.  Tirana is a hot point where many interests intertwine, especially those of Soros and Hillary Clinton. Immediately after Clinton’s defeat, the head of CIA and the American National Security arrived in Tirana. But why did they come here? Is it possible that they may have left “the bomb” that would explode before midnight here?

Juncker’s EU has declared war if the EU fails with the Balkans. But this has already happened: the EU has failed with the Balkans! Then, we may conclude that before midnight was the time scheduled to test the ability for war in the Balkans, but this had to happen through Tirana.